Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome to the Celtic Blog!

WELCOME to the Celtic website! Your source for Celtic history, everything from Celtic Warriors to Celtic art and lifestyles.

The Celts were a very loose grouping of tribes that spread across a massive section of Europe in the
Celtic Warriors
later half of the millennium before the common era. Celtic tribes could be found from Ireland to Spain, and as far East as Turkey. They were considered to be the quintessential barbarians by there more settled neighbors, such as the Greeks and Romans. The Celts were not unified, but the many Celtic tribes shared much in common. Trends in art and warfare spread across there great domain.

Eventually, during the ancient Roman times, Germanic and other peoples invading there lands, the Celts on the continent began to lose their traditional ways. However, on the British Isles Celtic lifestyles, languages and traditions have carried on to this day.